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laboratory di water system

Laboratory DI Water Purification Systems

Laboratory DI Water Purification Systems

Laboratory Water Purification Systems Water plays an important role in every laboratory, from general washing to critical research and analytical applications, pure water with matched high quality standards is required everywhere. Looking forward to this, Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. brings a comprehensive range of laboratory water purification systems that comply with stringent water quality standards including ASTM, USP and CLSI etc.

Laboratory Water Standards

The specifications of laboratory grade water have been specified by ASTM, which furthermore, describes the process of production of purified water. Lab water is categorized as Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3; whereas, Type 1 is considered ultrapure and used in critical applications, Type 2 is used for preparing culture media and Type 3 is used in general laboratory applications like washing and instrument feed.

ASTM Standards for Reagent Water

Laboratory Water Purification Systems

Using Reverse Osmosis, Deionization and Distillation, we design and manufacture both readymade and custom built laboratory water purification systems for generating reagent water that may exceed specifications of CLSI, ASTM and USP. Our product range includes Lab Scale Reverse Osmosis Systems, DI Water Systems and RO + DI Water Systems. To know, which product is best suitable for your application, please talk to one of our executives. We need a water test report and end use of water, helping us to decide, which water purification system is suitable for your particular application. We guarantee of product performance and reasonable price all over India and overseas.

Laboratory DI Water Systems
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