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Sapphire Small RO Systems 100 LPH to 1000 LPH

Especially designed for light commercial, industrial and laboratory applications, our Sapphire series Reverse Osmosis Systems produce high purity water from 100 LPH to 1000 LPH.

Our Sapphire Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to produce 100 LPH to 1000 LPH of high purity water for light or small capacity industrial, commercial and laboratory applications. These small capacity RO Water Purifier Systems are readymade (pre-engineered), mounted on powder coated M.S. frame and feature fast installation and quick start-up helping users to achieve maximum piece of mind and ease of use. This Sapphire series comprises of only certified and branded components (membrane, pump, valves etc.) aimed to produce most trusted small capacity RO Plants available on the market.

The Sapphire Series RO Plants can remove up to 98% of dissolved inorganics, over 95% of total dissolved organics and all colloidal and suspended matter larger than 0.05 micron. The flexible design of these units can accommodate virtually all TFC 4-inch spiral wound RO membranes to suit your application.

Model Permeate Capacity No. of Membranes Dimensions
(HxWxD) Ft.
SAPPHIRE-100 100 LPH 1 5.9x11.4x3.2
SAPPHIRE-250 250 LPH 1 5.9x13.1x3.2
SAPPHIRE-500 500 LPH 2 5.9x13.1x3.2
SAPPHIRE-1000 1000 LPH 4 5.9x13.1x3.2

Technical Specifications
Working Pressure 150 – 250 psi
Recovery Up to 60%
Booster Pump 0.75 KW (1HP) / 1.5 KW (2HP) / 2.2 KW (3HP)
Flow Meters Purewater / Wastewater
Pressure Gauges Feed water pressure / Booster pump outlet pressure gauges
Water Quality Indicator Digital TDS Meter
Pre Filtration 2x20” Filter Housing (20” PP Cartridges 5µ)
Electrical Control Panel - Main Supply : On/Off
- Over load Protection
- High Pressure Pump : On/Off
- Raw water pump : On/Off
- Dosing Pump : On/Off
- High Pressure/Low Pressure Tripping
- Level Sensor
Standard parts - Dual media filter
- Antiscalant dosing system
- Micron cartridge filter
- High pressure pump
- Membrane
- Instruments
- Membrane cleaning system
- Instruments
- Skid
- System control panel
- Interconnecting piping
Operation Semi-Automatic / Fully Automatic
Feed Water Requirements
Feed water pressure: > 40 psi Feed water Temp: 20°C ~ 45°C Feed water TDS: < 2000 ppm
SDI: < 3 Turbidity: < 1 NTU Iron: < 0.1 ppm
PH: 3 ~ 11 Oxidizer: < 0 ppm Hardness: < 5 ppm
RO membrane washing Automatic control & manual wash, by chemical washing

Note: Above mentioned data are given for information purpose only. Actual product may differ according to feed water quality and specific requirements.

100 lph to 1000 lph Small Capacity RO Plant
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