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Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Water Treatment Consultancy

Water Treatment Consultancy

Water Treatment Consultant

Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. is one of the known water treatment consultants in India and is providing experienced, proven and independent consultancy on water and wastewater treatment programs. Needless to say, water treatment consultancy by BIONICS surely enhances the efficiency of your plant while adding extra safety to the environment.

BIONICS is a place where water treatment consultants are motivated to create more than expected design jobs that are beneficial for your company. The team of design engineers has proven track record of successful water treatment plants, which enables us to offer strategic consultancy and take right decisions for your plant. Our engineering team is structured to conduct reviews quickly and inexpensively to identify potential projects that result in short and long-term savings and cost avoidance. These engineers focus on organized planning to improve operational flexibility and reliability; free stranded capacity; and defer, lower or eliminate unnecessary program costs.


Operational Review
Policy Development
Budget Preparation
Capacity Analysis
Rate Studies
Strategic Evaluation
Financing Strategies
Regulatory Compliance
Program Management

We Provide Strategic Consultancy in

- Strategic water management
- Water conservation and reuse
- Water conservation programs for utilities
- Trade waste program development
- Cooling water treatment
- General water treatment
- Brine water treatment
- Zero discharge plants
- Wastewater treatment
- Effluent Treatment Plant

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