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Water Softener Resins & Regeneration Services

Water Softener Resins & Regeneration Services

Water Softener Resin

Water softener resins play crucial role in softening hard water. Only high grade softener resins can provide you high quality soft water but these resins have their own life; which, depends upon usage of softener and other parameters. After durations of softening, resins start leaving their power of hard water to soft water conversion; from here the re-bed process comes into effect which is also called regeneration.

Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. is industry leader in water softener resin regeneration of any capacity; in addition, we also supply various types of softener resins at wholesale price throughout India and overseas. We also provide FDA food grade softener resin. Solution focused approach and extensive industry experience of our engineering team makes us first choice for domestic and industrial softener regeneration on the Indian market today.

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