Water Treatment Chemicals

For chemical treatment of water and wastewater, different types of chemicals are used at plant. We are one of leading water treatment chemical companies in India with over 25 years of experience in chemical technology helping various industries with our chemical treatment solutions. From drinking water to cooling tower and boiler and swimming pool water treatment, we have wide list of chemicals that are available in standard packaging and supplied at wholesale price all over India and overseas. Our chemical products provide 100% solution to scaling and corrosion and keep your systems maintained in compliance with current legislative and guidance parameters.

In addition to supply, we also provide consultancy on chemical water treatment to cope with poor water quality. Analyzing water test report and relevant conditions of feed water, our team can suggest the right type and quantity of chemical required for your water treatment. If you are looking for any particular type of chemical, which is not mentioned in our list, please consult with one of our executives. We can arrange it for you at highly competitive price.

Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant Chemical
RO Antisacalant chemicals help in achieving high recovery rate by minimizing mineral scaling. These antiscalants increase system rum times and reduce membrane cleaning frequency thus extend life of your ro system.

Alum Salt
Alum Salt is used in water treatment process; it destabilizes natural fine particles and other suspended materials present in raw water. We supply alum slat at wholesale price throughout India and overseas.

PH Booster Chemicals
pH booster chemical is an essential element in drinking and boiler water treatment processes as it maintains the pH and alkalinity levels controlling water contamination. We supply pH booster chemicals at wholesale price.

DM Plant Resin
In order to improve the performance of dm plant high quality Anion and Cation resins are utilized. We supply resins for dm water plant and also provides regeneration services at reliable price.

Softener Resin
Only high quality resin helps in generating soft water through softener. We supply resin for softening plant and regeneration services at highly competitive price all India and overseas.