Water Treatment For Metro and Highway Construction Sites

A construction site always requires an efficient water and wastewater treatment; whether there is requirement for drinking water, water for construction or effluent treatment, we offer wide range of on-site water purification systems that meet performance requirements of relevant authorities.

Ground water is the major source of water at construction sites but impurities always present in this water, which may harm the quality of working efficiency of construction equipment and other materials that use water and ultimately overall construction work will be affected. Therefore, to improve construction quality, water must be free from contaminants and only an effective water treatment system can fulfill this requirement.

Implementation of most suitable water and wastewater treatment method may vary from project to project; influencing factors are water source, nature of soil, groundwater level, compliance requirements, wastewater discharge point and many others that are to be considered before making any plan. No matter if there is a requirement of drinking water, construction water or problem of wastewater; from experience, we can prepare an on-site water treatment plan for your construction project. We offer case to case basis water treatment systems for groundwater and construction dewatering needs.

Reverse osmosis, water softener and sand filter are some of our equipment that can be customized and installed at the site for your temporary water treatment needs. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing such water purification systems helps you achieve your goals through improved construction performance.

Bionics Consortium has completed numerous water treatment installations at various small and large construction sites for their ready mix concrete facilities; Delhi Metro and IGI International Airport are our prominent clients, where, we have installed high capacity reverse osmosis plants.

Water Treatment For Metro and Highway Construction Sites

Our Solutions & Services

  • Mobile water system
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Water softener
  • Sand filter (WTP)
  • Water test & analysis
  • Customized systems