Water and Wastewater Treatment for Dairy Industry

Whether you are producing milk or milk products (cheese, butter and ice cream etc.); using advanced manufacturing technologies and years of industry experience, we offer dairy industry a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions that meet or exceed industry required quality standards. Our engineering team is capable in designing, manufacturing and installation of effluent treatment plant and other water purification systems utilized in different stages of production processes.

Dairy industry is one of the largest water consumers, where water reuse and recycling is a critical challenge. Every production unit requires such a water treatment plant that may tackle unbalanced level of BOD, COD, (total suspended solids) TSS and total dissolved solids (TDS).Our treatment systems provide unique and innovative solution to filtration and screening problems in the dairy processing units. With our water filtration equipment you experience increased product quality, reduced operating costs, smooth dairy operations and peace of mind.

Problem Areas in Dairy Industry

  • High concentration of Dissolved Salts
  • High suspended solids
  • High Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • High chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • Oil and grease waste

Water Treatment Solutions

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO System)
  • Water Demineralization Plant
  • Water Softening Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Wastewater Treatment / Recycling Plant
  • UV / Ozone System
  • Ultrafiltration / MBR
  • CO2 Degasser