Food & Beverage Industry Wastewater Treatment

Since decades, Bionics has been providing customized water and wastewater treatment systems for food & beverage industries. At Bionics, our mission is to provide safe and hygienic single-source wastewater treatment solutions through cost effective treatment technologies and superior customer service. Our prior experience in food & beverage processing units enable us to design and manufacture such equipment that can meet strict water and wastewater regulations, while conserving valuable water resources. All our installations are done for quality, safety and compliance.

We deliver cost effective, reliable effluent water treatment (ETP) and sewage treatment plants (STP) for food factories worldwide. With team of skilled engineers, we offer a comprehensive solution approach to the food processing and beverage production units in all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. When you contact Bionics for your food factory, our technical experts will come to your unit in order to understand your needs from root. We will examine your overall operation, production goals and schedules, quality controls, standards and system architecture to clearly define your objectives and help you select the right water treatment solution. Our complete systems are designed utilizing the most appropriate technologies to meet pretreatment, direct discharge, or reuse / recovery applications.

The processes in food industries have always been challenging in nature and there is a strong need to find smarter and faster ways in the direction of improvement. That's where our experience can make all the difference. Our engineers have worked with both large and small food factories /production units and put membrane technology to use in multitude of biological and chemical processes. BIONICS provides ultimate solution for automatic and self-cleaning water filtration in F & B industries where dirty water is a problem. These filters are designed to meet a wide variety of food processing applications.

Food & Beverage Industry Wastewater Treatment

Food & Beverage Sectors

  • Alcoholic beverage wine and beer
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages: soft drinks, fruit juice, mineral water
  • Dairy products milk and milk products
  • Meat, Fish (cannery), mollusks and seafood
  • Bakery products, pastries, pasta products, cereals
  • Oils and fats
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging
  • Confectionery and namkeen
  • Animal feed
  • Meat and poultry processing
  • Potato flakes processing

F & B Unit Water Treatment Solutions

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO System)
  • Water Demineralization Plant
  • Water Softening Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Wastewater Treatment / Recycling Plant
  • UV / Ozone System
  • Ultrafiltration / MBR