Metal Finishing and Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

For metal finishing industries, Bionics Consortium can offer a number of water treatment solutions for specific contaminant to be eliminated. Depending upon water test report, we suggest and provide combination of customized water treatment equipment and services in order to reuse and discharge of waste water ensuring compliance on a consistent and economic basis. With a team of talented engineers and water treatment experts, we design, manufacture and install water and wastewater treatment plant for metal finishing, electroplating and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. Complete turnkey installation is our expertise.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment
  • DM Plant
  • Water Softener
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis
Metal Finishing and Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

What is Metal Finishing?
Metal finishing is the process of enhancing or finishing surface of metal products. Electroplating, chemical plating, galvanizing are some forms of metal finishing that are performed in various industrial applications. No doubt, it is an integral part of any manufacturing unit but it also generates corrosive liquids, toxics baths and sludge that must be handled responsibly for environmental safety.

Metal Finishing and Water Problems

Industries that perform metal finishing operations generate huge amount of waste water that contains many kinds of dissolved metals such as copper, chromium, lead, tin, zinc and mercury etc. Large amount of these metals may cause chronic toxicity that furthermore raises serious environmental issues. There are certain environmental regulations regarding discharge of wastewater from such industries and meeting these stringent standards is a new challenge.