Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment

Mining industry has been facing water and wastewater treatment challenges for years, at Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd., we understand those challenges and committed to provide effective solutions through variety of equipment and chemicals or combination of both. The company specializes in creating strategic water and wastetreatment plans and customized solutions for your mining site to ensure efficiency and long term cost-reductions. Our solutions include creating complete water programs, designing specialized water systems for a particular operation and preparing zero liquid discharge systems (ZLD System).

Water is a key element for mining sites and possesses great importance in all quarrying developments and operations; therefore, an effective water management is necessary for a sustainable mining process. Once a mine is in operation, efforts to manage water become one of the prime goals of mining companies and various practices are adopted to use water and recycle. Other steps that are taken for preventing environmental damage are also considered.

Depending upon your mining site, acid, coal or copper mines, we can provide tailor made and cost effective water treatment systems. Focusing on your mining site performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements, we design, manufacture and commission water filtration systems for effective removal of iron, manganese and arsenic. Supply and installation of customized water softener plant, reverse osmosis plant, ultrafiltration and microfiltration are our major approaches helping to meet your mining site zero liquid discharge requirements.

Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment

Solutions for Mine Industry

  • Ground water treatment
  • Seawater desalination
  • Zero discharge systems
  • Pipeline design and supply
  • Mine dewatering design
  • Water reuse and recycling
  • Discharge regulations compliance
  • Effective mine water balance