Chlorine Dosing System

Chlorine dosing systems by Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. are considered much simpler, safer and of course economically priced water disinfection systems then conventional chlorinators. These units are extensively used in swimming pools and drinking water applications. Our chlorine dioxide dosing systems are robust in nature and available with installation and servicing throughout India and overseas.

In addition to swimming pools, our chlorine dosing systems are manufactured to meet industry specific water treatment applications. Each system is designed and supplied as pre-engineered unit; all it is connected to the hydraulic and electrical panels. These dosing systems are available as skid mounted or trolley type units.

Chlorine Dosing Applications
Drinking water Swimming pool water
Spa and Water theme parks Textile and chemical units
Housing societies or apartments Food production units
Hospitals and hotels Cooling tower
Water treatment plant Agriculture

Mobile Chlorination System

Loaded with compact and optimized design features, our mobile chlorine dosing units are systems mounted on compactly on trolley. The trolley is fitted with 2 block and 2 lockable solid rollers; allowing operators to move the dosing system anywhere they require. Each unit is supplied with PE tank with scale, equipping with a chemical hand mixer and a suction assembly with low level indication switch.

Technical Specifications
Model BCDS15 BCDS25 BCDS50 BCDS100
Chlorine Generated 15 gm/hr 25 gm/hr 50 gm/hr 100 gm/hr
Process time 8 hr 8 hr 8 hr 8 hr
Strength in gpl 7 - 8 7 - 8 7 - 8 7 - 8
Water treated in 1ppm 150000 250000 500000 1000000

In addition, we also manufacture containerized chlorine dosing systems for large applications such as municipal water treatment etc.

All chlorine dosing systems by Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. are manufactured in our own factory with facility to customize these units as per customer provided specifications. Whether you require standalone unit, mobile or containerized unit, our engineering team is capable to provide you with complete solutions at highly competitive price.