Degasser for CO2 Removal

CO² Degassing Systems

Water treatment plants using RO, DM or EDI systems often face resistivity of the outlet water, which occurs due to increased level of carbon dioxide in the water. Carbon Dioxide present in water may cause frequent regeneration in Ion Exchangers (DM and Water Softener); in addition, Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionization Systems (EDI) produce higher quality water if the CO2 has been removed effectively. Therefore, in order to remove or decrease level of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Degasifier or Degasser system is used.

Degasser for Demineralisation (DM) Plant

Degasser is an integral part of any demineralization plant, where it is generally placed between cation and anion exchanges and removes Carbon Dioxide, which is generated by dissociation of carbonic acid at cation outlet water. In this Degassing processes, Degasser Tower is utilized, which is made from either FRP or Mild Steel with rubber lined or epoxy coating. Low air pressure is generated at the bottom of the tower that drives out CO2 and the degassed water is collected in a sump beneath the tower.

CO² Degasser by Bionics

Bionics Consortium designs, manufactures and installs Degassing Systems for CO2 removal in various water treatment plants. These Degasser units are customized and can be made on order depending upon the flow rate of your system. As required, we manufacture both single stage and double stage degassing plants with Degasser Towers made from Mild Steel (MS) with Food Grade Epoxy inner coating or rubber lined.

Degasser for CO2 Removal
Technical Specifications
Product Degasser Unit
Stages Single or Double stages
Pumps - Inlet Pump
- Outlet Pump
- Vacuum Pump
Tower Construction Mild Steel w/ Epoxy or Rubber Lined
Mounting - Open / enclosed Skid
- Open on casters
- Open / enclosed on tractor / trolley
Distribution system PVC Perforated tray
Blower Make RK Engineering or Equivalent
Degasser Sump Made of RCC