Industrial Water Filters - Commercial Water Purification Systems

We are full service manufacturing company of water filters used in different applications such as industrial, commercial and drinking etc. These industrial water filters are also designed to meet water and wastewater reuse standards. These Industrial water filtration equipment comply with all types of industry standards. Our pre-engineered (readymade) and customized units cater requirements of wide consumer segments; no matter what volume (LPH or GPD) of water you need, we design, manufacture and install water filtration systems ranging from small, medium to large capacities and supply at competitive price with 100% performance satisfaction guarantee and environmental compliance.

In order to meet various needs and budget limitations, each water filtration system is available in variety of designs and options. Flow rate, material of construction, mode of operation (manual, automatic or semi-automatic) are some of areas where discussion with consumer becomes necessary and product is supplied accordingly.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Especially designed for commercial and industrial water treatment applications, our reverse osmosis systems can purify most challenging feed water from municipal, ground water and seawater etc. and configured up to 50,000 lph or more flow rates.

Ultrafiltration Plant

We engineer custom made ultrafiltration plant for industrial wastewater treatment; our product range includes ultrafiltration pilot plant and turnkey ultrafiltration plant for high capacity waste recycling.

Industrial Water Softener

We manufacturer and install water softening plants for commercial and industrial applications with flow rate capacities from 650 LPH to 50000 LPH or more. Regardless of use, these systems can be manual or semi-automatic in operation.


Available as dual and mixed bed units, we provide full services demineralizer manufacturing with flow rate capacities from 50 lph to 50000 lph or more. Designed for laboratory, industrial and pharma applications, our range includes packaged and skid mounted dm plants and laboratory DI water systems.

Laboratory Water Purification Systems

In this section, you get information about our range of laboratory water purification systems including Deionized Water Systems and Reverse Osmosis Systems fulfilling your requirements of Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 purified water for lab.

Activated Carbon Filter

Often called liquid phase activated carbon adsorption equipment, activated carbon water filter is required for removing organic contaminants from water. It is widely used in industrial water treatment and municipal wastewater treatment. It is also utilized as pre-treatment for RO system, dm plant and softener.

Multigrade Filter

A low cost and reliable method of water filtration, this multi grade filter utilizes a pressurized vessel in which a fluid stream contacts granular media for physical and /or chemical removal. We manufacture from 1000 lph to 100,000 lph pressure sand filters for variety of applications including pre-treatment.

Iron Removal Filter

Iron, Manganese and Arsenic are common elements found in ground / well water, and affect water taste and color. Oxidation filtration is the technology that is employed to remove iron and manganese from water. We manufacture and install from 500 lph to 100,000 lph iron removal filters for commercial use.

Degasser Unit

We manufacture degasser units for DM and RO Plants in order to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the water. Degasser Towers are made from FRP or Mild Steel with epoxy coating or rubber lined as required. All components vacuum pumps and motors are of reputed brands ensure trouble free working all the time.

Rubber Lining Tanks

Rubber lining creates corrosion and abrasion resistance layer on steel surface keeping the equipment and systems safe from possible corrosion due to liquid (chemical, acid and water) handling. We manufacture rubber lined acid storage tanks and pipes for water and wastewater treatment projects and other industries.