Industrial Water Softener Plant

bIndustrial water softener is a kind of water filter, which removes hardness from water causes due to presence of Calcium and Magnesium. For industries and commercial units, hard water poses a potential threat. The performance of boilers, cooling towers and other associated equipment adversely affected by scaling caused by hard water. Water Softener is considered as concrete solution for this problem, which prevents scale forming. At Bionics Consortium, we deal in industrial hard water treatment with manufacturing of water softener plant from 1 m3/h to 50 m3/h or more.

Industrial water softeners, manufactured by us offer long years of reliable performance at very low investment price. Available with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic controls, these units are constructed as portable systems; skid mounted packaged treatment plants or large custom built units. To meet the needs of specific applications, our hard water softeners are available with wide range of configurations including piping quality, tank construction, single, double and triple unit arrangements etc.

Our hard water softener systems efficiently remove hardness using the kinetic energy in your water and deliver an uninterrupted supply of softened water all day using unique tank design and certified parts. Our range of commercial and industrial water softeners can also be used for soluble iron removal. In addition to general hard water applications, we construct water softening plant for boiler, heat exchanger and cooling tower of any capacity. We also undertake annual maintenance contract (AMC), which is not mandatory but advisable for minimizing downtime and maintaining running cost.

Industrial Water Softener Plant
Sizing and Design Customization

How to determine the correct size of an Industrial Water Softener? It is a general question asked by many buyers. We provide practical advice and design guidelines on setting up water softener for industrial and commercial use. Size or capacity and design depend upon many factors such as, flow rate requirements (LPH or GPD), TDS level and Regeneration frequency etc.

- Volume of water to be treated
- Hardness of water
- Regeneration frequency in a day
Industrial Water Softener Applications
Hospitals and healthcare Hotels and resorts
Food processing units Cooling tower feed water
Boiler feed water Humidification and air conditioning
Pharmaceutical industry Oil and gas
Restaurant Heating system

What We Offer
  • New softening plant consultancy
  • Water analysis and lab support
  • Tailor made technical specifications
  • Complete Installation and commissioning
  • Small and large capacity plants
  • Skid mounted and floor mounted units
  • Ion exchange regeneration service
  • Proper training to plant operator
  • Immediate After sales service
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Existing plant repair and AMC / CMC
  • Portable systems and rental services

Industrial Water Softener Specifications
Model No. Flow Rate (LPH) Resin Quantity (Liters) Vessel size (Inch) Salt / Regeneration
Min - Max. Min. – Max. Dia. x Length Kg
VX-500 160 - 500 15 - 25 8 x 44 5
VX-1000 500 - 1000 35 - 50 10 x 54 10
VX-1500 1000 - 1500 50 - 75 13 x 54 13
VX-2000 1500 - 2000 75 - 100 14 x 65 15
VX-4000 2000 - 4000 100 - 150 16 x 65 20
VX-6000 4000 - 6000 160 - 240 21 x 72 30
VX-8000 6000 - 8000 240 - 400 24 x 72 40
VX-12000 8000 - 12000 400 - 650 30 x 72 75
VX-17000 12000 - 17000 650 - 950 36 x 72 90
VX-30000 17000 - 30000 950 - 1250 48 x 72 130
VX-50000 30000 - 50000 1250 - 1700 63 x 64 200

Note: - Above specifications are based on up to 700 ppm - Contact our engineering team for your custom sizing and flow rate requirements

This video explains how a industrial water softener is installed