Dialysis RO Water Systems

It is the quality of water that puts significant impact on performance of hemodialysis system. Considering an integral part and key requirement for a successful dialysis treatment, it is necessary that hemodialysis water must follow certain standards set up by related authorities. At Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture customized reverse osmosis water systems that produce water following recommended standards of AAMI, FDA and ISO. We assure you about the quality of water, which is further used for renal replacement therapy (RRT). Output water meets circulars and standards defined in the European pharmacopeia.

Reverse Osmosis in Dialysis

Reverse Osmosis is the most trusted water purification technology used in purifying water for hemodialysis process. A typical dialysis water system combines Pre filter or Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. No matter what your source water is, we provide a safe, reliable water purifier system that is designed to produce water to ensure safe, high quality care for hemodialysis patients. To know more, how we can help you in setting up a reverse osmosis dialysis unit, please send us an email or make a call to us. Our support team will assist you with complete information you need.

Dialysis RO Water Systems
How Can We Help You?

Bionics Consortium has a dedicate team of specialists for renal dialysis water treatment, works aiming to provide you safe water in compliance with stringent standards. The team visits hospitals, clinics or homes, where dialysis machines are located and performs analysis from all necessary aspects. The water sample is sent to laboratory, and based on that report; it designs suitable water purification system. From a single patient portable system to a centralize water treatment plant, we provide tailor made solutions making sure your critical dialysis water needs are being served in compliance with applicable regulations. Made in India, our units are better than imported ro systems in terms of usability, price and after sales service.

Our technical engineers are available to install the machine anywhere in India and overseas. We are also committed to provide preventive maintenance services as well as emergency services for hospitals and dialysis customers. In addition, we provide thorough training to dialysis staff on daily operation and sanitization of these dialysis water systems. Our clients include private and public hospitals, research institutes, as well as numerous educational, governmental and civic entities.

Dialysis Water Treatment Solutions
Single Stage dialysis RO system Central Stage RO Plant
DM Plant for dialysis Rental ro plant for dialysis
Water sampling and analysis Precise consultation
Custom Designing Installation and training
Repair and AMC Spare parts supply