Seawater Desalination Systems-Completely tested at ISO-9001 factory

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems are designed and built to filter out salt from seawater using desalination membranes and produce salt-free water, which is further used as drinking water or industrial process water. The seawater desalination technology is majorly used for marine as well as land based applications, where seawater is primary source of feed water.

We manufacture and install custom engineered small and medium sized seawater ro systems to large industrial plants that produce drinking water and industrial grade process water at economical investment cost. Our desalination plants use high tds ro membranes and not only meet day to day demand of clean desalinated water but also adhere to strict health and safety standards. We provide seawater ro systems with flow rates from 500 lph to 50,000 lph or more.

Bionics Consortium helps industries to solve their seawater challenges by using its desalination technologies, trusted by many domestic, commercial and industrial customers from India and overseas. Our over 25 years of experience in seawater desalination makes us confident that we can deliver any complex project within specified time, allocated budget and above specifications. Our seawater ro systems are suitable for offshore marine use, onboard ships, navy vessels, luxury yachts, cruise ships, merchant ships, boats and seaside located military base, hotels and resorts, agriculture and shrimp farming and industrial process etc.

Features and Advantages
Suitable for marine and land based applications Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 certification
Engineered to meet all capacities Also available as containerized systems
Easy to operate and maintain PLC based operation (optional)

Offshore marine use Onboard ships
Navy vessels Luxury yachts
Cruise ships Merchant ships
Boats Military
Hotels and resorts Industrial
Seawater RO Plant Specifications & Design
Flow rates Up to 50,000 lph
Pretreatment - Pressure Sand Filter
- Activated Carbon Filter
- Industrial water softener
RO System - Membrane Housing
- Membranes
- High pressure RO Pump
- Motor
- High pressure side piping material
- Low pressure side piping material
- Concentrate control valve
- Water quality monitor
- Flow meters
- Pressure Gauges
- System controls (Automatic or Manual)
- Membrane Cleaning/Flushing System
Other Components - Sodium Metabisulfite Dosing System
- Acid Dosing System
- Antiscalant Dosing System
Post Treatment - Caustic Dosing System
- Chlorine Dosing System
- UV Sterilization System
- Ozone System
Design - Standalone skid mounted
- Skid mounted in shipping container
Power options - Mains electricity
- Diesel generator
- Solar power
Feed Water Type - Brackish Water
- Seawater

Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities, these high tds seawater reverse osmosis systems are supplied and installed after hard core factory testing. Our performance certificates give our customers a confidence that the seawater ro system that is being installed at their place will surely meet their high expectations.

Design and Configurations

We manufacture seawater ro plants not only for marine but also for land based applications up to 50,000 lph or more flow rate capacities. The design and configuration are totally depending upon the end use of the product. Our range includes containerized seawater ro systems for remote locations, where small capacities are required and turnkey seawater desalination plants for medium and high flow rates.