RO EDI System

RO EDI (Reverse Osmosis Electrodeionization) is the most preferred water purification technology used in Pharmaceutical and Food and beverage laboratories. It is basically a combination of Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionization process. In a RO EDI System, single or double pass ro is used as pre-treatment of feed water, after that the water is further sent for electrodeionization, which generates highly purified water of 10-15 MΩ required in sensitive applications of research lab; in addition, this is also used for power plants and boiler water treatment.

RO EDI Plants, manufactured and installed by Bionics Advanced Filtration feature both safe and environment friendly performances at great price and produce better than distilled quality water. Depending upon feed water quality and flow rates, these units can produce between 10-15 MΩ pure water outputs. Depending upon customers' requirements, our RO EDI Plant units can be designed manual and completely automatic types fitted with PLC system.

The quality management system at Bionics Advanced Filtration has been registered to ISO 9001:2008; we welcome our customers to discuss their requirements of high-quality pure water required for their applications. Our engineering team is capable to design and construct the exact unit that meets or exceeds their quality requirements.

Ro edi system
Benefits & Features
Product water output up to 20000 LPH Produce high purity water of 10 to 15 MΩ
Guaranteed silica and boron removal (Optional) All VFD-driven pumps for precise control of all unit operations
Panel mounted resistivity meter with digital indication Panel mounted pressure and flow metering for the system
Reduced hazardous waste stream Overall recovery 100% of the system (approx.)
GMP/USP RO + EDI For Medicine According to ISPE regulations
Automatic sanitization, backwash, rinse, and recycle functions Completely skid mounted including pretreatment
Customizable for specific customer requirements Manual & automatic reverse osmosis system
Sanitary and non-sanitary designs available Intermediate stainless steel feed break tank

Typical Applications
USP Purified Water Highly Purified Water
Pharmaceutical Preparations Biological Engineering
Central Laboratory Water Power Industry
Humidification Rinsing of Electronic Components
Glassware Rinsing Food processing
Preparation of Process Chemicals Cosmetics
Technical Specifications
Model No. Flow rate Pipe Size Pure Water Quality RO-EDI Module Dimensions(cm)
  (L/h) Min (inch) (µS/cm) RO EDI H x W x D
Epure 220 220 3/4" 1-10 1x40 1 1300 x 500 x 800
Epure 450 450 3/4" 1-10 2x40 1 1300 x 500 x 800
Epure 1000 1000 3/4" 1-10 5x40 1 1300 x 500 x 800
Epure 1400 1400 3/4" 1-10 6x40 1 1300 x 500 x 1000
Epure 1800 1800 1" 1-10 8x40 1 1300 x 500 x 1000
Epure 3000 3000 1" 1-10 4x80 1 1300 x 500 x 1200
Epure 5000 5000 1" 1-10 6x80 1 1300 x 500 x 1200
Pressure Vessel Stainless Steel / Fiber Glass
Feed Water Requirements Water Hardness: 0.1 ppm Max.
Iron (Fe+++): 0.05 ppm Max.
Free Chlorine/Chloramine: 0.01 ppm Max.
Min. Inlet Pressure: 35 psi
Max. inlet pressure: 80 psi
Min. Inlet Temperature: 45°F
Max. inlet temperature: 90°F
NOTE: Silica and carbonate content
in the feed water dictate the quality
of the water produced.18.3 MΩ
Accessories - Flow Meters
- Pressure gauges
- Conductivity monitor
- Reverse Osmosis Controller
Optional - Chemical dosing system
- UV sterilizer
- Ultrafiltration system
- Water Softener
- Built-in RO membrane washing device
Power Supply Single Phase 220 Volts / 3 Phase 410 Volts
Larger or custom systems available upon request