RO Water Treatment Plant Repair, AMC and Expansion Services

We offer full line of repair and maintenance services for commercial reverse osmosis plants and other water treatment equipment. Our services include performance audit, routine plant servicing (frequency as required by customer), membrane cleaning, replacement of faulty parts etc; in addition, we also provide renovation and expansion services for your existing water and wastewater treatment plants.

No matter how efficiently you manage your water treatment plant, breakdown is un-expected. In order to cope with such issues and provide immediate repair services, Bionics has set up such a repair and maintenance department, which is just a phone call away. Our water treatment plant equipment repair and maintenance services are available for both public and private customers throughout India and overseas.

RO Water Treatment Plant Repair, AMC and Expansion Services
Our repair services help you diagnose the problem and then provide the complete repair and troubleshoot solutions needed. In this concern, we offer following benefits:

  • 1. Troubleshoot on the phone
  • 2. On-site evaluation & repair
  • 3. Replacement of faulty parts
  • 4. Upgrade or expansion of system
  • 5. Valves and components
  • 6. Resins and filter media
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) / CMC

We not only repair own water treatment equipment but also provides repair, AMC and CMC services for other brands and manufacturers too. We have setup specialized team of service engineers and technicians, which undertakes repair and troubleshooting works. If you are looking for trusted partner for your water treatment plant and equipment maintenance, we are surely a right choice for you. Contact our support team and find out what the finest of services we are offering to our customers.