Cooling Tower Water Treatment

We understand how treatment of cooling tower water is a crucial process. Legionella decease is one of the problems often occurs in cooling towers and related cooling water systems due to unavailability of proper water treatment. If you are fed up with corrosion, fouling, microbiological contamination, unscheduled maintenance and turnarounds, it is a right time to take a step further and employ such a water management at your unit, which can provide you an effective cooling tower treatment.

Whether, cooling tower is used for nuclear and power plants, oil refineries, offices and buildings or other areas, Bionics Advanced Filtration, a cooling tower water treatment plant manufacturer and specialist analysis your cooling tower problems through operational, mechanical and chemical angles, after that designs a water treatment program that meet your specific requirements and relevant industry guidelines. The choice of technologies and the type of specific treatment depends upon factors such as raw feed water quality, desired make-up water quality and flow requirements

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

With our customized purification systems and a range of chemicals, you can monitor and maintain your cooling tower system with greater efficiency, reliability and predictability; furthermore, you also experience minimized operation and maintenance cost.

How We Can Help You?

  • Water softener system
  • Reverse Osmosis system
  • Chemical Dosing and control equipment
  • Legionella testing and control
  • Foam cleaning and maintenance services