Water Treatment Solutions

Drinking Water Treatment

Using reverse osmosis technology, we provide drinking water solutions for offices, factories, schools and restaurants. Our portable water purification systems and large treatment plants are reliable source of pure and safe drinking water.

Boiler Water Treatment

In order to achieve maximum performance from your boiler, a proper water treatment management is necessary. Beyond chemical treatment, our experience, technology and product range ensures long service life through correct boiler water conditions.

Cooling Tower Treatment

A correct water system is necessary to maintain efficiency of a cooling tower; using chemical combination and different filtration products we help you to achieve maximum heat transfer efficiency and equipment protection.

Sewage Water Treatment

Every production unit must have an effective wastewater discharge system that can meet stringent regulations. We understand those challenges and create a solution for such wastewater treatment that meets environment norms and consumes comparatively less energy.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Extremely beneficial for municipal organizations as well as industrial units; zero liquid discharge is the most trusted environment friendly water treatment technology that meets stringent requirements of discharge and water reuse. We offer a number of equipment and technologies to achieve zero liquid discharge in most demanding conditions.