Rainwater Catchment Water Treatment

Water treatment of rainwater catchment is today's big need. Bionics Advanced Filtration Systems provides planning, design and installation services for commercial and industrial rainwater harvesting water filtration through in-house facilities and industry leading partnerships meeting requirements of specific project. Our rainwater storage options, filtration systems and installation services are designed to enhance system performance and minimize operational cost.


  • Water for irrigation
  • Water for drinking
  • Industrial production process
  • Washing and cleaning
Rainwater Catchment Water Treatment

Rainwater catchment or rainwater harvesting is the process to accumulate rain water in storage system for further use.
This water is treated through filtration process and further treated for specific use such as irrigation, drinking and washing etc.

Our experience
  • High rise commercial buildings
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Shopping malls and markets
  • Military bases and camps
  • Housing societies and apartments
  • Parks and museums
  • Wine and food processing units
  • Vehicle washing facilities