BIONICS CONSORTIUM: A Water Treatment Company in India

Bionics RO is a prominent water treatment company in India, specializing in a range of services catering to industrial water purification needs. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality solutions, Bionics RO offers a diverse set of services, including Industrial RO Plant installation, Ultrafiltration Plant implementation, and DM Water Plant construction for industrial water demineralization.
Bionics RO is also a reliable provider of Cooling Tower Water Treatment services, ensuring the efficient and sustainable treatment of water used in cooling systems. Their expertise extends to Sewage Treatment Plant solutions, employing innovative technologies like MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) for effective sewage treatment.
Committed to environmental sustainability and industrial efficiency, Bionics RO stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge water treatment solutions in India. With a dedicated focus on client satisfaction and advanced technological applications, the company plays a crucial role in enhancing water quality across various industrial sectors.


Years of exps

Effluent Treatment

Designing wastewater treatment plants following environmental guidelines, read our solutions described as per industry specific effluents

Water Treatment Systems

A widest range of water purification systems to meet your water treatment needs; reverse osmosis, dm plant, ion exchangers, ultra filtration and more.

Our Factory

Located in New Delhi, India, this is a part of our factory, where we design and manufacture water treatment plants and supply them at client's site.


A Water Treatment Company in India

The company is committing to be the most trusted Indian water treatment company based in New Delhi. Since 1982, the prime business of the company has been to provide reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions to domestic, commercial and institutional, industrial, laboratory and medical facilities. Working as EPC company, we have sound experience in taking charge of full process of plant construction. Our aim is to research and find innovative ways to treat your water and offer you an effective water management system that may address specific needs of individual customer, meeting required quality standards.

The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified and works as single source of complete range of water treatment systems, turnkey installations, spare parts, maintenance services and much more. If you have requirement of pure drinking water, clean process water or waste water cleaning, our engineering team is capable to serve you with combination of products and services.


From designing to manufacturing of equipment, everything is in-house; our unit equipped with latest manufacturing facilities ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.


We provide professional engineering services across planning, design, distribution infrastructure and the construction of water treatment plant.


We supply all spare parts for successful running of water treatment plants; we have everything from membranes, cartridge filters, pumps to miscellaneous consumables.


Our annual maintenance contract schemes and repair services ensure minimum downtime and keep your water treatment plant running all the time.