pH Booster Chemical

pH Booster Chemicals by Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. perform control of pH and alkalinity levels in boiler water and drinking water helping your systems achieve greater working performance and long service life. We supply pH booster chemicals for industrial boilers, steam raising plant, RO drinking water systems and dm plant.

We offer various types of pH booster chemicals that are odorless and non-toxic in nature. Working as alkaline reacting water softening agents, these chemicals provide corrosion protection to feed water tank, lines, pumps and other parts by forming suitable sludge in removing principle hardness of boiler feed water. These pH booster chemicals are easy to handle and use; furthermore, these are easily compatible with other chemicals too.


Standard packing of pH booster chemicals are available in 20 kg, 35 kg, 50 kg, 100 and 200 kg HDPE jars or drums.

Dosage Level

Dosage of pH booster chemicals varies from system to system, feed water flow rate and characteristics and amount of condensate return and type of pre-treatment in use. It is advised to contact or engineering team for correct dosage of pH booster chemical.

pH Booster Chemical
Dosing method

pH booster chemical is continuously fed into the boiler feed water through a chemical dosing pump. The arrangement which is employed in this process is called dosing system. In this dosing system, chemical is stored in a tank and fed into the feed water with the help of dosing pump.

Handling and storage

pH booster chemicals are easy to use and store; however, it is advised to read product documentation before use. Keep the container of chemical closed tightly and stored in a cool place avoiding direct sun light. Direct contact with eyes and skin are also advisable. During emergency, clean eyes with cold water and wash skin with soap and warm water.