Rubber Lined Acid Storage Tanks & Pipes

Why Do We Need Rubber Lining?

When steel comes into contact with water or chemical that contains corrosive substances, corrosion starts on steel surface. In order to avoid this condition we need rubber lining, corrosive resistance characteristic of rubber keeps the steel surface save from possible corrosion and abrasion; thus enhances the performance of equipment.

What is Rubber Lining?

Rubber lining is a process or method of applying corrosion protective rubber layers on outer surface or inner surface of tanks and pipes. Different type of rubber materials are used for different applications. Rubber lining is done by hand with the help of some equipment. It can be applied to different metal surfaces such as mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. The thickness of rubber lining may vary from 2mm to 50mm depending upon application.

Which equipment can be rubber lined?

There are number of applications where rubber lining is used; water and wastewater treatment tanks, piping and fittings, purification vessels, fume and ducts, storage tanks, dosing tanks, clarifier and thickener tanks and pump components etc.

We are well known rubber lining companies in India and offer high quality rubber lining jobs to water treatment, chemical, power and other industries, where rubber coated tanks and pipe fittings are major concern. We offer various rubber linings such as natural, butyl and ebonite rubber, all these are meant for excellent corrosion protective performance. In addition to in-house factory services, we also provide on-site service installation throughout India.

Our specialty lies in acid storage tank rubber lining, acid pickling tank rubber lining, rubber lining of tanks and vessels and rubber lining of pipes etc. From preparatory steps, composition and configuration and vulcanization of factory made rubber lining; we act as one stop source of all your cost effective lining works.

If you are looking for rubber lining specialists in Delhi, NCR India, we are industry leader in this trade, please talk to our technical team and discuss your requirements. Our experts will select and apply proper lining for specific industrial situation.